Our subscribers get a discount on the beautiful jewelry from Fine Fellows


Some of the necklases
The Icelandic horse adorns the bracelets


What an exquisite jewelry company Fine Fellows is! Lovely necklaces, rings, earrings and more with the Icelandic horse as the theme.  When Ishestnews visited their booth at the WC in Berlin we thought that the jewellery would be great to be able to offer our subscribers.

Now our subscribers get a 10 percent discount on the beautiful jewelry. The discount code will be sent to our subscribers via e-mail and the offer lasts until September 15. You find the jewelry at: https://www.fine-fellows.com

The jewelry symbolizes the bond between the Icelandic horse and us humans.

Constanze Charlotte Schreiber is the artist who makes the jewelry. Already at a very young age, Constanze Charlotte fell in love with our horse breed. At school she went to the riding camp at Reitshule Berger, the farm where Jolly Schrenk is located. She badly wanted a piece of jewelry with a three-dimensional Icelandic horse. In the village where Constanze Charlotte lived, a goldsmith agreed to help her out. He gave her wax to create the desired shape and when the design was finished, he made a mould. The charm “Kjarni” had seen the light of day.

Most people have seen men in lederhosen, at least from pictures. You may not notice the ornate chains, the so-called charivari that the men wear in their belts, but just such chains with charms were this goldsmith’s specialty. Soon he started to sell Constanze Charlotte’s little three-dimensional horse to attach to these chains.

Constanze Charlotte with the horse that started everything

Constanze Charlotte was also encouraged to start selling her horses and many wanted more types of her jewelry. At the 1995 World Cup in Switzerland she rented a booth and her horses sold like butter. Consequently, Constanze Charlotte knew she was on the right track and continued her education at the goldsmith’s education in Pforzheim in Germany and later at the Art Academy in Amsterdam. She has also won the Dutch Design Award for her jewelry. Today, Constanze Charlotte has further developed her range and her Fine Fellows company have several different beautiful designs. In addition to jewelry for us, there are also beautiful embellishments for the horse’s main team. If you choose to subscribe to Ishestnews, you now have the chance to buy this fine jewelry at a good price. Fine Fellows offers all Ishest News subscribers a 10% discount on their complete range.

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