Volontärer sökes till Landsmót 2016


Landsmot has always been carried on the shoulders of volunteers, many of whom give their work year after year with the same passion and drive that characterized Landsmot in the very beginning. Enormous preparation lies in the planning and execution of Landsmot and to meet modern demands we build an entire village for up to 15,000 spectators. Your contribution is vital to make Landsmot a magnificent event.
Working at Landsmot is a great way to meet other people who share your enthusiasm over horses and we hope that our volunteers will enjoy working at Landsmot and find it a fun and a fulfilling experience. We truly value your contribution and hope it makes a great event even better. Welcome on board with us at Landsmot 2016!

Volunteers work at least 3 x 6 hour shifts during the tournament. Those who are interested can take on more shifts, as there is plenty of work. Each shift lasts six hours and volunteers will be divided into groups and each group is assigned to a specific responsibility or task.

Morning shift      7:00 – 13:00
Day shift              13:00 – 19:00
Night shift           19:00-01:00

Volunteers work on a number of projects and are involved in almost everything that needs to be done at Landsmot. It is important that volunteers are well aware of their duties on each shift and seek information about what to do if they have any questions.

Example of volunteer work:

  • Ticket monitoring and seating in bleachers
  • Childcare at playgrounds
  • Security in the stables
  • Sanitation and monitoring at campsites
  • Night security
  • Assistance with ticket sales and head office
  • Coffee rounds
  • Security at campsite
  • Sales assistance

What is expected of me?

Staff will assign volunteers to shifts during the information meeting on the 25th of June. After shifts have been assigned we hope that drastic changes will not have to be made. Volunteers work a minimum of 3 x 6 hour shifts but can be expected to take on more shifts. Volunteers are representatives of Landsmot and should always be anexample of good behavior during the tournament.

We want our volunteers to have a good time but always bear the following in mind at all times.

  • Be on time and ready to work
  • Be willing to take on any job you are assigned to
  • Attend the information meeting
  • Represent Landsmót proudly


Volunteering is essentially unpaid work but we value your contribution and reward our volunteers with various benefits. We try to create a good atmosphere around the work and hope that you will enjoy working with us. In return for your contribution you will receive the following benefits:


  • Be involved in the largest sporting event held in Iceland and meet many interesting people
  • Free access to Landsmót
  • One ticket to a swimming pool for each shift you work
  • One meal for each shift you work
  • Piece of clothing labeled by Landsmót hestamanna



Volunteers will have access to a reserved camping area in walking distance from the show grounds.

NOTE: Landsmot does not provide tents, mattresses or sleeping bags.

Volunteers will have access to public restrooms and showers at the camping grounds. Volunteers are free to camp elsewhere in the area or use other accommodation outside of Hólar.

If volunteers choose their own accommodation outside the camping area, they must get themselves to and from the location at the beginning and end of each shift.


Volunteers will have to get themselves to and from Landsmot. For information regarding transportation within the city of Reykjavík see www.straeto.is

You can get a bus from Keflavík airport to the bus terminal in Reykjavík. There are daily departures from the terminals in Reykjavík and Akureyri. For schedule please refer to the webpage of the bus terminal in Reykjavík www.bsi.is


If you want to help out at Landsmót hestamanna 2016 please fill out an application and email it to johanna@landsmot.is

All application will be answeared shortly after the new years!

We‘ve created a group for volunteers on Facebook!

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