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Please find below the latest news from FEIF, the International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations.
FEIF is bringing people together in their passion for the Icelandic horse. More information can be found on our website: www.feif.org .

Ride to Reykjavik
This Ride to Reykjavikyear’s FEIF virtual ‘Ride to Reykjavík’ has reached the final home stretch. Having started off in August 2018, around 70 riders added up all ridden km to cover the distance from wherever home is to Landmót 2018 in Reykjavík. The first team Toon (town) Army from southern Scotland has just ‘arrived’, others are nearly there – follow the link for more info.
All participating riders, please note that with the new data protection legislation you need to give your consent for us to keep your name, contact details and distance from home to the destination of this ride, and the next one, ‘Back to Berlin’ 2019. The new returns form for your ridden km May 2018 will make sure you will remain in the communications loop. Happy tölting!

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Landsmót 2018 in Reykjavík
One Landsmót 2018 in Reykjavíkof the largest events of the ‘International Iceland horse family’ in 2018 will be Landsmót in Reykjavik. The first Landsmót was held at the Thingvellir National Park in 1950, and has since then grown into the full bi-annual country festival that it is today. The Landsmót area is transformed into a village featuring a large camp site, markets with a variety of goods, children’s playgrounds, a line-up of Icelandic entertainers performing during the week, and a number of Icelandic food vendor offering a wide variety of culinary choices.
The event is a week long, acquiring over 100 volunteers. Working at Landsmót is a great way to meet other people who share your enthusiasm over horses, so if you would like to be on board, follow the link to the official Landsmót website for more information.

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Nordic Championships 2018 (NC)
The Nordic Championships 2018Nordic Championships for Icelandic horses will be held on August 7-12, 2018 at the beautiful competition grounds of Margaretehof in the south of Sweden, just outside the city of Kristianstad. Riders and horses from all the Nordic countries will meet and compete for the medals in a high class sport event and Gaedingakeppni competitions.
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Mid European Championships (MEM)
From Mid European Championships 2018August 9-12, 2018 the Mid European Championships will take place in St. Radegund, Austria at the competition grounds of Islandpferde Reithof Piber. The preparations for this high class sport event for individual riders and national teams are in full swing and the anticipation for the event is great!

FEIF Events until 20 October 2018

28-Jul – 04-Aug FEIF YouthCup 2018 Axevalla Sweden
07-Aug – 12-Aug Nordic Championships 2018 Everöd Sweden
09-Aug – 12-Aug Mid European Championships 2018 St. Radegund Austria
21-Sep – 22-Sep Sport judges exam 2018 Dahlenburg/Kronshof Germany
19-Oct – 20-Oct FEIF Committee Meetings 2018 Berlin Germany

FEIF WorldRanking Events until 27 July 2018

25-May – 27-May Norway Tresfjord Midt-Norsk Mesterskap
26-May – 27-May Finland Ypäjän Alsaela WR-kilpailut
31-May – 03-Jun Germany Belm IPOL-Power-Tage & Niedersachsenmeisterschaft 2018
31-May – 03-Jun Germany Donzhof OSI & BW-Meisterschaft Schurrenhof 2018
31-May – 03-Jun Germany Osterbyholz Gaedingakeppni Osterbyholz 2018 (WR)
31-May – 03-Jun Norway Drammen Travbane Hrimnirstevnet ? Isicup 2018
01-Jun – 03-Jun Austria Andorf Oberösterreichische Landesmeisterschaft
01-Jun – 03-Jun Denmark Herning Sport A – Udtagelsesstævne 1
01-Jun – 03-Jun Denmark Odense SØ Fynsmesterskabet WRL / DRL
07-Jun – 10-Jun Sweden Backome RD-event Isicup Backome
08-Jun – 10-Jun Denmark Rønde Østjysk Mesterskab
08-Jun – 10-Jun Germany Grothusenkoog Nordsee- & MEM-Sichtungsturnier Eichenhof 2018
08-Jun – 10-Jun Germany Schneverdingen OT Lünzen OSI Bockholts-Hoff 2018
08-Jun – 10-Jun Norway Forsand Villingurstevnet 2018
08-Jun – 10-Jun Switzerland Osterfingen FYC Qualifikationsturnier
15-Jun Great Britain West Linton Friday WR event
15-Jun – 17-Jun Germany Großholzleute OSI Alpenhof 2018
15-Jun – 17-Jun Sweden Wången Wången Icelandic open, Nivå 1
16-Jun – 17-Jun Denmark Brønderslev Vendsyssel Open 2018
16-Jun – 17-Jun Finland Orimattila Jálkurin 30-vuotisjuhlakisat
16-Jun – 17-Jun Germany Mandelbachtal-Bebelsheim ISI-Hammer 2018
16-Jun – 17-Jun Great Britain West Linton British Championships
16-Jun – 17-Jun Netherlands Oirschot Wedstrijden Zuid
16-Jun – 18-Jun Sweden Göteborg Landi / Sigur Nivå 2 WR
21-Jun – 24-Jun Germany Großhansdorf Mittsommernachsturnier Godemoor 2018
21-Jun – 24-Jun Germany Lingen OSI & MEM Sichtung Lingen 2018
21-Jun – 24-Jun Norway Grimstad St. Hans Stevnet
22-Jun – 24-Jun Austria Leibsdorf Kärntner Meisterschaften
22-Jun – 24-Jun Denmark Hedehusene DI’s Udtagelsesstævne Sjælland 2018
28-Jun – 01-Jul Switzerland Brunnadern Schweizermeisterschaften und FYC Qualifikationsturnier
01-Jul – 08-Jul Iceland Víðidalur Landsmót hestamanna
10-Jul – 15-Jul Sweden Borlänge Svenska Mästerskapen
12-Jul – 15-Jul Austria St. Radegund Österreichische Meisterschaften
12-Jul – 15-Jul Denmark Herning DM 2018 Sport og Gæðingakeppni
12-Jul – 15-Jul Norway Grimstad Norgesmesterskap NM
13-Jul – 15-Jul Finland Ypäjän Islanninhevosten Suomenmestaruuskilpailut 2018
18-Jul – 22-Jul Germany Kaufungen DIM Kaufungen 2018
18-Jul – 22-Jul Iceland Samskipavöllurinn Íslandsmót allra flokka

FEIF International Breeding Shows until 27 July 2018

23-May – 24-May United States of America Lettleiki Icelandics
24-May – 27-May Denmark Herning 1
24-May – 26-May Sweden Romme
25-May – 26-May Austria St. Radegund
28-May – 01-Jun Iceland Vorsýning á Akureyri
28-May – 01-Jun Iceland Vorsýning Brávöllum á Selfossi
28-May – 29-May Iceland Vorsýning Stekkhólma á Fljótsdalshéraði
01-Jun – 03-Jun Sweden Backome
04-Jun – 08-Jun Iceland Vorsýning Gaddstaðaflötum við Hellu -fyrri vika
04-Jun – 08-Jun Iceland Vorsýning Hólum í Hjaltadal -fyrri vika
04-Jun – 08-Jun Iceland Vorsýning Spretti í Kópavogi -seinni vika
09-Jun – 10-Jun Canada Vernon BC Camada
11-Jun – 15-Jun Iceland Vorsýning Borgarnesi
11-Jun – 15-Jun Iceland Vorsýning Gaddstaðaflötum við Hellu -seinni vika
11-Jun – 15-Jun Iceland Vorsýning Hólum í Hjaltadal -seinni vika.
11-Jun – 15-Jun Iceland Vorsýning Víðidal í Reykjavík
12-Jun – 14-Jun Sweden Wången
13-Jun – 15-Jun Germany FIZO Heesberg
16-Jun – 17-Jun Sweden Mönsterås
19-Jun – 21-Jun Sweden Axevalla
22-Jun – 24-Jun Denmark Herning 2
23-Jun – 24-Jun Germany FIZO Neuler
25-Jun – 26-Jun Germany FIZO Lingen
26-Jun – 27-Jun Sweden Stenholmen Juni
27-Jun – 29-Jun Denmark Hedeland
28-Jun – 30-Jun Norway International Utstilling Tresfjord
07-Jul – 08-Jul Iceland Landsmót í Víðidal
22-Jul – 24-Jul Sweden Romme 2
23-Jul – 03-Aug Iceland Selfoss

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