In English – WC2023: Sara Sigurbjörnsdóttir secured the victory in five-gait!


Máni & Gljátoppur pperformed exceptionally in the F1-finale after just earning the gold in T2. Photo: Photohestur/Sabina Svenningssen.

We have been privileged to witness the pinnacle of equestrian excellence at the World Championships, where Máni Hilmarsson and Gljátoppur frá Midhrauni, newly crowned world champions in T2, showcased their extraordinary prowess. Representing Sweden, they surged to the forefront of the competition following a stellar performance in the tölt phase, earning a remarkable series of 9s and two 9.5s. Gljátoppur boasts a tölt of an exceptionally rare and nearly unparalleled nature. The gait itself exudes an unparalleled level of world-class quality, while the palomino stallion exudes a captivating aura that resonates beautifully with the track.

The dynamic duo of Gljátoppur and Máni ultimately clinched the fourth position with a commendable score of 7.52, a testament to their harmonious partnership and unwavering dedication.

Sara & Flóki flying pace in the lap of honor. Photo: Photohestur/Sabina Svenningsson.

From Iceland, Sara Sigurbjörnsdóttir triumphed astride the family-bred Flóki frá Oddhóli, amassing a total of 7.90 points. A collection of ideal 8.5s for the pace further underscored their exceptional performance. Pierre Sandsten Hoyos secured the second position with Búi frá Húsavík, earning an impressive score of 7.74.

Jón Stenild, the reigning 2019 World Champion, claimed the bronze medal with a score of 7.55. His partnership with the robust Elifur frá Teglborg solidified their standing as a force to be reckoned with in the equestrian arena.

Excerpt from Icetest

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