Successfull first day of the IceHorse Festival in Herning

A German, a Norwegian and three Danish riders in the A-final in fourgait

Herning, 05.04.2018 – The German Johanna Beuk and her horse Tígull vom Kronshof made it to the first place in the preliminary round of the V1 class with 7,33 points. Thus she will be part of the A-Final on Sunday at 12.50am.
Number two in the prelimary round is Danish Steffi Svendsen on Jarl frá Miðkrika with 7,13 points. Followed by Sys Pilegaard (DK), Nils-Christian Larsen (N) and Dennis Hedebo Johansen (DK).

Johanna Beuk and Tigull. Photo:
Steffi and Jarl. Photo:

In the V1 B-final an Saturday there will be Søren Madsen, Laura Hanover, Frederikke B. Larsen, Kristian Tofte Ambo and Swedish Sabina Svärd.

The other preliminary rounds held on Thursday were:
F2 with the following first three places:
Tryggvi Björnsson with Dofri frá Steinnesi and 6,80 points
Jeanette Holst Gohn with Blossi frá Efri-Gegnishólum and 6,60 points Elias Árnason with Kraftur fra Yggdrasil and 6,47 points

Tryggvi and Dofri. Photo:

T4 with the following first three places:
Jeanette Holst Gohn with Blossi frá Efri-Gegnishólum and 6,60 Pernille Mølgaard with Stjarna fra Langtved and 6,23
Mette Carlsen with Sigrún fra Ørskov Vestergård and 5,97

Janette and Blossi. Photo:

T3 with the following first three places:
Sigrid Bisgaard Amstrup with Dröfn fra HCL Hestar and 6,70 points Lilian Pedersen with Sæla fra Lipo and 6,67 points
Elias Árnason with Dynur frá Sauðárkróki and 6,63 points

Malte Cook Simonsen, only 9 yrs old is the youngest participant of tölt T3 (and the whole competition alltogheter). Photo:

The Icehorse Festival continues in Herning until Sunday evening. It is the biggest indoor worldranking competition for Icelandic horses in the world with over 250 riders and horses from 8 different countries and about 3000 visitors. For everybody who is not able to come to Herning, there is a livestream:

Text by Vibeke Rask Grøn
Photos: Sofie Lahtinen Carlsson,