On suggestion from our readers – Get a subscription to ishestnews.se!


We asked our readers for ideas and input in how to develop Ishestnews a couple of weeks ago. It has been possible to read news and enter our site free of charge since 2012. It has been tremendous, but not working in the long run, since we have done it in our spare time as a hobby. To be able to continue we have to step it up and take Ishestnews to the next level. Our readers suggested to create a subscription option and that is what we decided to do. We sincerely wish that you want to be a part of our Ishestnews community and keep on following us in to an exciting future.

It won’t cost you more than a take-away coffee to become a monthly subscriber of Ishestnews and get access to all our posts. Once in a while we will offer a freebie as a taste our improved site.

With better funding we want to make more features, interviews, farm visits and a lot of other fun things. We love to write about Icelandic horses, love to photograph horses and making interesting interviews.

Our plan is to find different partners to collborate with so that we can offer our subscribers special value and discounts.

The subscription fee will be 69 SEK per month (approx €4) or 588 SEK yearly (approx €58). Available payment methods are; Paypal, credit/debit card and soon also Swish (only in Sweden).


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