The Swedish Team for Youth Match this weekend

At World Toelt this weekend there will be the traditional Youth Match, were eight Young Riders from Denmark and Sweden meets up and competes in four different events. The Swedish team this year is made up of Jonna Thorvaldsson, Matilda Husbom, Nathalie Silverberg Edh and Elsa Teverud. They will go head to head against the Danish riders Kristine B. Jørgensen (reining Nordic Champion in V1), Ida Emilie Kaasgaard, Clara Håkonsson (Third place at the NC in T1 2016) och Amalie Astrup Jacobi.

Jonna och Glitnir. Foto:

Jonna Thorvaldsson will be riding Glitnir från Kulltorp. At the Swedish Championships 2016 were they awarded Feather Price and came fourth in both T2 and V1. Jonna and Glitnir will ride T2. Matilda Husbom and Sóllilja frá Álfhólum will compete in T1. Last year they won both the Swedish and the Nordic Championships in GDT. During the Sport-Championships they collected a silvermedal in T1. Matilda was also awarded Gædinga Rider of the Year 2016 and you can see them riding T1

Elsa och Kopar. Foto:

Elsa Teverud and first prize stallion Kópar frá Sunnahvóli will represent Sweden in F1. In 2016 they placed third in F1 and came in fourth in the Youth Tölt at Tölt on Ice. Nathalie Silverberg Edh and Tristan från Jarde had a great season last year and are reining Swedish Champions in both V1 and T1. On top of that they took the bronze in the Nordic Championships in T1. During World Toelt Natalie and Tristan will be competing in V1.

Nathalie och Tristan. Foto:

Youth Match is on this saturday morning. IsHestNews wish you the best of luck!