WC2019: First gold and silver for Sweden! Kólgrimur från Gunvarbyn highest judged 5 year old stallion.

Gold for Sweden and Kólgrimur
Photo: Töltaren/Sofie Lahtinen Carlsson

Sweden earned the first gold medal today. Heartfelt congratulations to Kolgrimur Grimsson från Gunvarbyn (s. Grimur frá Efsta-Seli d. Kolskör från Kolungens gård 2 ds. Nökkvi frá Vestra-Geldingaholti) who won the group of 5 year old stallions. His performance was powerful whilst also calm, stabile and cool. He had the attitude ”well, here I am on a nice day out with a bunch of great people”. The stallion raised his marks for both tölt and canter and thereby the score for riding abilities from 8.33 to 8.45 with 9.0 for his flowing walk. The total score for the beautiful stallion was 8.52. Silver went to Hamur frá Hólabakki (s. Hersir frá Lambanesi d. Herdis frá Hólabakki ds. Rökkvi frá Hárlaugsstödum) representing Iceland. Hamur raised his riding abilities from 8.28 to 8.39, in total 8.44. The bronze medal was won by Norwegian Svalinn fra Skarstad (s. Álfur frá Selfossi d. Prinsessa fra Kolnes ds. Stefnir frá Sandhólaferju). He raised his marks for riding abilities from 8.13 to 8.25 with the total of 8.27.

Silver for Hamur
Photo: Töltaren/Sofie Lahtinen Carlsson
Eyrun Ýr och Eyrun Ýr scored the highest raise of the day
Photo: Töltaren/Sofie Lahtinen Carlsson

Eyrun Ýr frá Hásaeti (s. Herkúles frá Ragnheidarstödum u. Séd frá Háseti ue. Júpiter frá Ragnheidarstödum) got the highest raise of the day and the gold medal. Eyrun Ýr owned the track during the open assessment guided by her rider with whom she shares her name, Eyrun Ýr, with the addition Pálsdottir. The gorgeous mare raised her marks for riding abilities from 8.21 to the exceptional score of 8.70! Wow! She now has 9.0 for tölt, trot, gallop, spirit and and form under rider and 9.5 for walk. Total score 8.58.

Silver was awarded to the Swedish mare Tibrá från Knutshyttan (s. Prins från Knutshyttan d. Tilviljun från Knutshyttan d. Garri frá Reykjavik). Tibrá took a peak to see if the grass was greener on the other side of the fence, since she already secured the silver medal. The score for riding abilities was raised from 8.13 to 8.14 despite her adventurous outing.

Danish Hjarta fra Engholm (s. Sjódur frá Brun d. Hátid frá Gardi ds. Thokki frá gardi) won the bronze medal with 8.28 in total score.

Tibrá, an adventurous mare with a silver medal. Photo: Töltaren/Sofie Lahtinen Carlsson