Upprop om stångbett med tungfrihet från svenska domarkåren



Foto: Jens Einarsson.


To the Board of FEIF, President of FEIF, Director of Sport, Director of Breeding

One of the important goals for FEIF has been to work for animal welfare and it has been many steps in this direction. One step was taken by making a more thoroughly mouth control on sport and breeding events. During the years since this started many of us has got more experience about what kind of problems you see in the mouth and how they connect with the type of equipment used. There is also now a scentific study on bit correlated lesions. It is the first time ever that this is looked for and the study give very important and obvious results where the curb bit with a port is getting serious wounds in the mouth. The result from the study is just clearing out what many of us has experienced as judges or riders. It is also easy to understand how these type of wounds appears with the pressure from the bit only on the thin layer of mucosa above the bone of the bars. There is also practical problems with these kind of lesions as they can be very hard to discover without taking the tongue out, which make it even worse as some of the wounds propably is missed. There is also many things pointing at that the bit propably hurt the horse with the pressure on the bars even before the lesions appears.


FEIF has to take responsibility on working on a high level and take scientific work seriously. FEIF must continue to work in the right direction where animal welfare must not only be something to talk about, it must also be something FEIF act towards. We therefore want FEIF directly to abandon curb bits with a port from all icelandic events.


Swedish judges 29/5-2014


Rebecka Frey                      Ann Fornstedt

Lena Lennartsson              Sebastian Nordlander

Åsa William                          Johan Häggberg

Frida Dahlén                                   Eva Ringqvist

Anna Andersson                Gunilla Lindgren

Johanna Elgholm               Eva Wik

Nadja Andreewitch             Pia Magnusson

Mia Johansson                   Ann-Marie Werner

Karin Nilsson                                  Malin Schön

Caroline Agerhill                 Helena Hammarström

Eva Wikström                       Ulrika Wendéus

Jenny Carlander                 Carro Wintzell

Anna Jardelin                      Åsa Tapper

Åsa Nevander                     Sissel Holmén

Barbro Eklund                     Ellinor Fuchs

Marcus Ljungqvist              Haffi Gíslason

Åse Ericson                         Christina Flank

Kamilla Gaude                    Nina Bergholz

Ylva Hagander                    Malin Stang

Barbro Beckström

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