Cheers for Galsi frá Saudárkróki!

 9.09 in PP1 and a new worldrecord! Valsa från Brösarpsgården is a granddaughter of Galsi. Rider is Magnús Skúlason. 
Photo Töltaren/Sofie Lahtinen Carlsson
Two geniuses, Gummi and Sproti frá Sjávarborg
Foto: Töltaren/Sofie Lahtinen Carlsson
Teitur and Tumi goes for gold at WC 2015. Photo:

The worldchampionship in Oirschot is in full swing and one worldrecord has been beaten during the week. The bluedun mare Valsa från Brösarpsgården ridden by her breeder and owner Magnús Skúlason made the new worldrecord in PP1 with a the outstanding score of 9,09. Valsa has excellent pace bloodlines as her father is Askur från Håkansgården and grandfather is the famous Galsi frá Saudárkróki. Askur himself was until two days ago the worldrecordholder in PP1 for the last 14 years with the score of 9,07 ridden by Johan Häggberg.

Galsi frá Saudárkróki, was born 1990. At the picture he is 24 years old. Photo:

Interesting in this context is that Galsi frá Sauðárkróki is the father and grandfather of all the top tree horses in PP1 at this WC. Second was Sproti frá Sjávarborg and Tumi frá Borgarhóli got the bronzemedal and both of them have been worldchampions in PP1. Yesterday Mjölnir vom Lippenhof won the class of 6 year old stallions and the mother of Mjölnir is Isold frá Efri-Raudalaek who herself got 10,0 for pace and is sired by Galsi.
This is an outstanding and admirable result for a breeding stallion and Galsi deserves a honorary name. He is also the only stallion in the world that left 3 offsprings with 10.0 for pace. Cheers for Galsi!